Magician & Metal Bender Morgan Strebler Joins Fallen Cards Project

Inside Magic Image of Magician and Metal Bender Morgan StreblerMentalist and magician Morgan Strebler just signed with the Fallen Cards team to play the metal bending character, Arcturus.
We heard the news from Kristina Ellery one of the project’s producers and star actress — and she has yet to lead us astray.
One of our rules of thumb is: it takes a metal bender to play a metal bender.  And Mr. Strebler is nothing if not a metal bender.
In fact, his tagline is “The Man Who Bends Steel“; his outstanding web site includes a credit to Molten Media, he has effects named after various metal components or states of transition from liquid to solid; his site boasts images of horribly misshapen pieces of flatware; and he is a known expert on the subject of PK (“Psycho Kinetic”) effects.
And if that was not enough to establish his street cred as a metal bender — he set a record for the youngest person to successfully perform the notorious bullet catching trick.
We understand Mr. Strebler has completed construction of “a revolutionary, multimillion dollar show, which ranks as one of the largest in existence.”
How large?  We have read it will require a cast of more than 20 dancers and crew.  That’s big.
And so it is big news that he has signed on to perform in Fallen Cards.  If you have not yet visited their Kickstarter page to contribute to the project, you should head there promptly.
We will keep you up-to-date on developments as we learn of them.
You can follow Mr. Strebler (@MorganStrebler) and Ms. Ellery (@KristinaEllery) on Twitter for even more breaking news.

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