Magician Brad Ross Went to Prom with Academy Award Winner Anne Hathaway

Inside Magic Image of anne hathaway and brad rossWe subscribe to Magician Brad Ross’ newsletter and appreciate his great tips and methods for getting paying shows.  One of his strengths is his ability to write as if he knows the recipient personally.

The second is a bona fide success in our business and thus knows of what he speaks.

During the Academy Awards Sunday evening, we received a tweet from Mr. Ross that read “My Prom Date Just Won an Oscar®!”

We did not know whether to believe him.

He had never lied to us but we found it hard to believe that his prom date was famed director Ang Lee.

We were pretty sure Mr. Lee was much older than the young Mr. Ross and didn’t go to school in New Jersey.

It took a few commercial breaks before we figured it out.

His prom date was the beautiful and talented Anne Hathaway (whom he called “Annie Hathaway”).

We saw Les Misérables and thought her performance was one of the best ever captured on film.  We sob at the mere hint of any melody from the musical but when Ms. Hathaway sang as noble but broken grisette, Fantine, we became inconsolable.

Fellow patrons were moved as well.  Most of them away from us and our small but growing pile of generic facial tissues.

Ms. Hathaway deserved the award and now we have even more respect for both Brad Ross and Ang Lee.

Check out Mr. Ross’ website for more crunchy goodness here.

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