David Blaine Signs on with the Beeb

Inside Magic Image of Fed Chairman Ben BernankeEveryone loves Justin Bieber.  We weren't sure until we read the USA Today and saw their very helpful graphic showing that everyone love everything about Justin Bieber always.

We think that was the proper interpretation of the graphic.  It wasn't our copy of the USA Today.  It was half-way tucked under the door of our neighbor here at the Marriott by the airport.  Ours was locked in our spacious executive suite along with our luggage and the two keys made specially for us by Trina last night. 

The graphic showed some kind of pie chart with an outline of the globe and pictures of either Justin Bieber or a child actor with a really bad haircut surrounded by hearts flooding towards his floating head from locations around the world. 

It may have been a graphic about the Federal Reserve Board's decision to undertake a third round of Quantitate Easing but the picture didn't look like Princeton University Professor and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke per se.  

Anyway, our point was that Justin Bieber is one popular singer and he wants to add some specialness  to his upcoming tour.  Logically, he has hired David Blaine to mix magic, mirth and music to give the audience something about which they will no doubt tweet and blog.   

Mr. Bieber's first show will be on September 29, 2012 in Glendale, Arizona. 

He said he is rehearsing "like crazy" and is "really excited" about having David Blaine consulting. 

Ironically, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has also signed on David Blaine to assist in the creation of a pamphlet teaching readers how to go without food for up to 40 days in the event the latest monetary move doesn't do the trick.

(See what we did there? "doesn't do the trick"? Blaine's a magician and . . . )

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