Canadian Magician Anthony Lindan Attacks Autism

Canadian Magician Anthony Lindan and his friends, Shaun Fergus, Alex Kazam and Bill Abbott perform next Monday to benefit Autism Ontario’s efforts on behalf of Autism’s victims.

Niagra This Week features Mr. Lindan’s story and personal involvement in the cause.

Mr. Lindan and fellow magicians intend to entertain guests of  Ridgeway’s restaurant  from 6 to 9 p.m.  with close-up effects.

He told reporters the style will be like The Magic Castle.

The magicians will accept no tips and they are not being paid for the work.  They will encourage their table-side audience to contribute to Autism Ontario.

“They gave us donation boxes,” Lindan said. “We’re what is called a third-party fundraiser. We do all they work and the autism people get all the money.”

There’s two things that are close to magician Anthony Lindan’s heart – magic and the fight to find a cure for Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD.Lindan, along with three of his magician friends will be at Ridgeway’s Restaurant in Ridgeway next Monday to help raise money research to help unlock the mysterious condition, a complex neurobiological disorder that impacts normal brain development.

The magician’s 12-year-old son, Harvey, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as well as Tourette syndrome, both part of the autism spectrum.“So yes, we went through the flapping, kicking stages,” Lindan said. “He’s at the very high functioning end of the spectrum.”

Mr. Lindan makes a profound point to close out the article:

He is critical of the provincial government’s inadequate support for research into ASD.

“It’s amazing how much is spent to subsidize hockey arenas or subsidize billionaires,” Lindan said. “Priorities are out of whack.”

Ridgeway’s Restaurant is located at 335 Ridge Rd. in Ridgeway, Ontario.

Check out The Fort Erie Times article about Mr. Lindan and his upcoming show.

Be sure to visit Mr. Lindan’s very impressive web site here.

via NiagaraThisWeek Article: Making autism disappear.

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