Melbourne Christopher Lifetime Achievement to Moorehouse

Inside Magic image of Hank MoorehouseWhile enjoying the society and sorcery here in Dallas, we look forward to the next big convention on our dance card, The Society of American Magicians (“SAM”) Convention set for July 13 – 16 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Hank Moorehouse is beloved in Michigan (home of this very magic news website) and, it seems, the rest of the world outside The Great Lakes State.

Mr. Moorehouse will receive the Milbourne Christopher Foundation Lifetime Achievement award on the final day of the convention.

Mr. Moorehouse served magic and the SAM well over the years.  He served as Executive Show producer for 16 years as well as the Society’s National President from 1981 – 1982. He clearly knows good magic when he sees it.  As a booker, he engaged more than 500 performers from around the world and brought more than 35 foreign acts to the U.S. for the first time. He was Artistic Director for the joint IBM-SAM Convention in 2008 as well as 2009 FISM Championships in Beijing, China.

Plus, he recommended we check out the classic sucker trick, Fraidy Cat Rabbit.  That accomplishment alone puts him in our top list.  Without the Fraidy Cat Rabbit effect, we would have no closer to our full-evening show and need to fill approximately 35 minutes with something else.  By the way, we’ll be publishing our ‘Fraidy Cat Rabbit Examined: An Inside Magic Teach-In on five DVDs later this summer.

Other winners of the Milbourne Christopher Foundation awards include:

Literary Awards – Dr. Robert Albo (posthumously) and Phillip Schwartz

Mentalist Award – Christian and Katalina Painter

Masters Award – Dennis Haney

Illusionist Award – Michael Grasso

Close-Up Award – Joshua Jay

Congratulations to Mr. Moorehouse and all of the winners.

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