Breaking: Hank Moorehouse Passes

Inside Magic Image of Hank MoorehouseWe just posted our article congratulating Hank Moorehouse on his well-deserved Melbourne Christopher Lifetime Achievement Award and seconds later received word Mr. Moorehouse has passed away.

The news came from Alan Watson:

“Just heard from Wayne Roger and the Society of American Magicians that Past National President Hank Moorehouse passed away last night while touring in China.”

We are stunned and deeply saddened.  As we note in our previous article, Mr. Moorehouse was so involved in Magic and such a positive force for magicians in Michigan, it will be hard to imagine things without him.

He had perfect timing and knew his audiences well.  Mr. Moorehouse was inventive, creative, practical and commercial.  He knew good magic when he saw it and that eye gave his recommendations enormous credibility.

We will publish additional information about Mr. Moorehouse’s passing when we receive it.  Our prayers are with the Moorehouse family and all those who are no doubt grieving this shocking news.

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One thought on “Breaking: Hank Moorehouse Passes”

  1. I cried out loud when i herd the news. Hank helped so many magicians get there start… no words can do him justice… thank you hank without you i may have never known there was a magician in me some were..

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