David Blaine Promises “All Magic” in Next Special

It has been four years in the making but Magician David Blaine promises his next “big event” will be well worth the wait.

News outlets are all abuzz this morning with variations on David Blaine’s announcement last Friday.  Why the delay?  We’re not sure but it  may have to do with the outlet chosen to deliver the news.

David Blaine shared his plans with fans on TinyChat.com during an on-line session.  What is TinyChat.com? From their website:

Tinychat provides dead simple, free to use, video chat rooms that just work! Enjoy chatting with your friends or making new ones, just create a chat room or join one.

It is easy to use and free.  It is not easy to search, however.  It took us a while to locate the David Blaine chat session.  His page is located at tinychat.com/DAVIDBLAINE.  We should have tried that combination of words and backslashes as we tried to guess the url.

Magicians have criticized David Blaine for his “magic-less magic shows” in the past. He told TinyChat viewers the May 2012 event (or events?)  will feature magic tricks rather than endurance stunts. “This is as good as it gets… All magic, nothing else,” he said.  “It’s better than anything that’s ever been done, by me at least… It’s the most original concept I’ve ever come up with. It’s taken me four years to sort out.”

Depending on the news source, the effect will either be seen live on ABC in the United States; or from video tape on NBC television.  It sounds like there are a few details to clarify yet.

We will bring you more news and speculation as soon as it is made available.

In the meantime, you can compare and contrast the various stories all coming from the same TinyChat.com video session with David Blaine by checking out the following headlines:

David Blaine plans magic TV

David Blaine ready with another magical event after 4-year

David Blaine announces 2012 magic event

David Blaine Plans TV Magic Special For May, 2012

Blaine plans TV magic special for May, 2012

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