Magic Nate’s Summer Camp Featured

On today’s, Nate LeGros, aka “Magic Nate” credits magic for transforming him from shy youngster to busy performer. He wants to bring our Art to a new generation of shy and not so shy kids during his magic camp scheduled for June 27 through July 1.
The camp is for young people between the ages of 8 to 15 years. An awkward age for all of us but made less so with the help of magic.

Magic Nate tells reporters he was timid when mixing with strangers – “unless he had a deck of cards in his hand.”

He found that performing even an elementary card trick worked as a wonderful ice-breaker. The strangers now became active and appreciative audience members.

Magic Nate’s magic camp starts at the end of this month at Gallery 202, 38 N. High St. in Westerville.

“Magic is universal,” LeGros said. “I’ve done shows for young kids at birthday parties and for cranky adults early in the morning — with the right trick, you can have anybody laughing and having a great time.”

The students will learn five effects in the course of five two-hour sessions.

The magic virus infected the 24-year-old performer at age 10 and has only become more intense in the ensuing years. He performs parties, community events, corporate shin-digs, and virtually any gathering of people wanting great entertainment.

“Nate is a very positive performer, and he knows how to connect with his students and really get down on their level,” said Gallery 202 owner Renee Kropat.

The perfect trick for kid shows?

“Find a trick that involves putting something in your mouth,” Magic Nate said. “The kids love it and the adults love it, too.”

Magic Camp costs $95 per student, which includes take-home props.

To register, visit the website or call 614-890-8202.

For more information about LeGros, visit

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