Tim Sonefelt is On the Move

Inside Magic Image of Tim Sonefelt's Latest Magic E-Book Box of TricksAnd speaking of new lecture dates by great magicians . . .

Tim Sonefelt dropped a line to our special lecture announcement email box (lecture@insidemagic.com) to give us and Inside Magic readers the bird’s eye low-down on his upcoming appearances.

If you are not familiar with Tim Sonefelt’s work, chances are you are new to magic or do not perform shows for kids or families. We’re not sure if that latter demographic is statistically significant but we have never let facts get in the way of a nice introduction. (e.g., “Copperfield Quits Show Over Salary Dispute”; “Cover-up Bess Did Hear from Houdini in 2nd Seance”; and “90% of Viagra Spam Traced to Magician Tony Spain.”

Tim has a new product to launch immediately before the lecture stops in Pennsylvania, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. He provides no clues other than to say, “You’ll love it — it’s complete with a PRIZE inside.”

Hmmm. Perhaps he ripped off our classic but commercially unsuccessful Bashful Oyster routine. The end of the trick produces a pearl as a souvenir for your female volunteer but not before a good eight minutes of side-splitting hi-jinx wherein the volunteer tries to pry open the bivalve with her fingers only to be squirted over and over with brine and oyster parts.

It is sort of a sucker-trick remade for a more upscale audience. We sold two. And one was returned. If you’re interested, we can give you a good deal on wholesale and bulk sales. (bankruptcy@insidemagic.com)

If we did not admire and really like Tim, we would be jealous of his incredible skills (his billiard ball routine is easily the best we’ve seen ever!) and inventive mind. He will be releasing his latest e-book soon, Box of Tricks.

And now, Tim’s genius can be yours through his Make Your Own Pitch Book system. We have admired the energy and sense of entrepreneurship some magicians exhibit in their “back of the room” offerings.

Our “back of the room” is usually desolate and uninviting, featuring used magic books, eight-track tapes we either no longer listen to or have copied onto the more modern cassette tape format.”

His Print Your Own Pitch Book requires nothing more than your ability to type your name. The system then compiles a book you can sell under your own name in the “back of the room” or front of the crowd. It is beautifully done and professionally appointed with great illustrations. Plus, it is royalty free!

Check out Tim Sonefelt’s web site for more magic and ideas.

Here are Tim’s dates for May. Do not miss his lecture!

Monday, May 2 – Allentown, PA

7:30 pm
The Brass Rail Restaurant
3015 Lehigh St.
Allentown, PA

Tuesday, May 3 – Washington, DC

7:00 pm
Magic Party Place
312 Dominino Rd NE
Vienna VA 22180

Wednesday, May 4 – Hagerstown, MD

7:00 pm
Morris-Frock Post #42 American Legion
405 Northern Avenue
Hagerstown, MD

Thursday, May 5 – Richmond, VA

7:00 pm
Acca Temple Shirne
1712 Bellvue Ave
Richmond, VA

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