MagicWeek: Derren Brown Wins David Berglas Award

Inside Magic Image of Our Intern Missy Rochelle Holding an Original TV Magic Card Deck Reading is one of our favorite things to do.  We read constantly.  Our job (the real one where we make gobs of cash easily converted into gobs worth of magic tricks and books) is all about reading and during our breaks, we read.

We used our advance skills to learn about the goings on over in the United Kingdom.  You may be able to read this faster, it is tough for us to sound out words in a British accent and virtually impossible to focus on not  moving our lips as we work through each word plus try to derive meaning.  Duncan Trillo’s web site is on our weekly must read list.  This weekend we learned the British Magical Society awarded the David Berglass Award to Inside Magic Favorite Derren Brown.

The presentation took place during Annual Awards Dinner of the BMS in Coldfield, Birmingham.

Derren Brown is currently touring with a new show “Svengali” and was therefore well-equipped to document the presentation by his own private film crew.

We will have to do some more reading to learn more about his new show, Svengali.  It sounds fascinating and is just the type of thing young magicians in this country need to see.

The Svengali Deck has fallen on tough times in the States.  Perhaps its ubiquity from the TV Magic Card campaign scorched the earth but if Derren Brown can do an entire two hour evening show with nothing more than a Svengali Deck, that’s proof that the old trick still has some life yet.

We imagine with his big budget, he can use a different deck for each show and decrease the chances of being found out by audience members who see the show more than once.

Read the full article here: MagicWeek – Magic News in the UK – Magic Shop, Magic Tricks, Magic Convention.

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