How Cool: Tudor Magic Newsletter Feb. 2011

Inside Magic Image of John Tudor's Poster

John Tudor is one of the all-time favorites of the Inside Magic Favorites.

This guy does magic — real magic.  We’re not speaking metaphorically or making a vague comparison for impact.

We mean it.

John Tudor has the apparent powers to do real magic.

John Tudor is an actor playing the part of a magician who is playing the part of an actor playing a magician.

He has, as we say on Broadway, skills.

We feel as if we have been transported back into the Golden Days of Magic when we watch him perform.

He brings a majesty to the stage while maintaining his friendly, charming persona.

Plus, he has always been nice to us and never hit us in a way that would cause unsightly bruising visible during our performance.

Plus plus, the guy has great posters!

Check out this one from his latest newsletter.

If you’re not on his mailing list, we wonder why you even use the internet.

Join the cool ones by clicking over to:

Within seconds you’ll be on the side of the fullness of magic power that is John Tudor.

You can read this month’s version here: Tudor Magic Newsletter Feb. 2011.

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