Terry Seabrooke Passes – Incredible Wit and Wonder

Inside Magic Image of Terry SeabrookeThe Waterford Observer (UK) is reporting that Inside Magic Favorite Terry Seabrooke, passed away this morning with his family at his side.

Terry Seabrooke was 78.

He enjoyed nearly half a century in the professional limelight, performing twice at The London Palladium, three times for The Queen at Buckingham Palace, and even to troops in the Falklands Islands after the 1982 war.

He continued performing until the final year of his life and was awarded one of the Magic Circle’s highest accolades in November 2009 for his services to British magic.

In receiving the highly coveted Maskelyne Award, named after renowned 19th Century magician and inventor John Nevil Maskelyne, he will forever be remembered alongside household names such as Paul Daniels, David Nixon and Ali Bongo.

Terry Seabrooke told reporters in his last interview:

“Magic has been very kind to me and has given me a great life. I have travelled the world and met some wonderful people along the way.

“When I started all those years ago I never thought I would go this far. It was really just a hobby that took off.

“I realised I was quite good at what I was doing and had the ability to make people laugh. Then all of a sudden people started throwing money at me to perform.

“I was working full-time in insurance sales but soon found I was earning more from the magic and decided to go full-time.

“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

We offer our condolences and prayers to his family and friends.  He will be missed greatly.

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