Dean Gunnarson Risks it All

This Friday, October 29th, Inside Magic Favorite and world-renown escape artist Dean Gunnarson will go for broke.

We have mentioned several times that Dean Gunnarson is nuts and should be stopped before he kills himself again. (Recall that one of his first coffin escapes ended in him dying but resuscitated by incredible medical professionals). His newest stunt could bring incredible fame or posthumous second-guessing.

Here are the details of what he hopes to accomplish:

  • Dean will be chained, locked, and bound and placed inside a steel coffin;
  • The lid will be locked on and wrapped in even more chains and locks on the outside;
  • The coffin, with Dean securely locked inside, will be lowered 6 feet underground;
  • Dean will be buried alive with over 3 tons of dirt dumped on top of him.
  • He will remain within the coffin and beneath the 6,000 pounds of dirt for two days; and,
  • Dean will then attempt to escape on Sunday Halloween Day around 1:26 P.M. The exact day and time the Great Houdini died in 1926.

We should point out that he will not have access to water, food, or similar accoutrements.

Dean said his boyhood wish was to die on the same day as his mentor, Houdini.

Of course, Houdini would not have performed the stunt in the first place. The great escape artist tried it out with assistants at the ready. He nearly died. Houdini wrote in his diary that the escape was “very dangerous” and that “the weight of the earth is killing.”

“I know that from a physical and mental stand point this will be my most challenging escape ever,” said Gunnarson. “The last time I was locked in a coffin I died. (He was underwater for nearly 4 minutes before the coffin was raised back out of the murky waters and rescuers found his blue lifeless body). I never wanted to be in another one and I never have. I will have to conquer all my personnel fears and demons to make this escape on Halloween.”

We have reported on Dean’s escapes over the years. Most recently, we had an opportunity to see what happens to the human leg when struck by a high-speed rollercoaster thanks to the incredible footage of his nearly fatal miscalculation in China. The risks are real.

But escape artists who embrace risk blindly do not stay in the business (or on this mortal coil) for very long.

Dean’s successful career has brought him to millions of people in China, Japan, Iceland, India, Egypt, Europe, South America, U.S.A. and Canada. But this escape is different. Dean told us, “I have seen the lights at the end of the tunnel and now I will experience a living Hell for 2 days. I am glad it’s happening in my home town of Winnipeg and everyone can come cheer me on. I will need all their help this time.”

Check out

For more information about the event and the Halloween celebration that will be going on above ground while Dean tries to keep his sanity and strength for another triumphant escape.

We wish him luck and will be sure to report back when it is over.

Visit Dean Gunnarson’s incredible web site at

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