Magician to Be Burned at Stake – We Hope Not

Inside Magic Image of Daniel GreenWolfReporter Patricia Villers of the New Hampshire Register reports on what will either be an incredible magic event or a very awkward start to the upcoming Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire.

Magician Daniel GreenWolf plans to be burned at the stake to promote the faire's opening.  

Actually, Mr. GreenWolf is hoping to escape before being consumed in flames before attendees. 

The event is set for  8:30 p.m. June 23. 

In an interview with the New Hampshire paper, he admitted the obvious up-front.  “It’s definitely a little stupid,” GreenWolf admitted in a phone interview Wednesday. “It’s something that has been in my head for a very long time.”

As we know from our latest probation hearing, just because you think something, you don't need to do it.

Nonetheless, Mr. GreenWolf plans on being locked affixed to a 12-foot wooden stake on a raised platform in an open field.  He will be secured by more than 100 feet of chain, locks and rope.

Shortly after the binding, the logs and tinder at his feet will be doused in gasoline.  An ignition source in the form of a burning torch will be rigged with a "medieval-style timer" and set to fall on the platform when time has expired.  

While there will be folks with fire extinguishers surrounding the platform, it is unlikely they will be able to save the magician from serious injury should things go afoul. 

He admitted the plan is “crazy, but with a very specific message.”  Mr. GreenWolf claims inspiration comes from his study of magic history and stories of magicians burned at the stake just for doing their job. "They were wrongfully accused” of being warlocks.

The town's mayor and fire official were not able to comment on the stunt.  They were just hearing of Mr. GreenWolf's plans. 

Fire Marshal Ralph Tingley said he had not yet heard about the stunt. “(GreenWolf) needs to talk to me,” Tingley said. “I need to know what’s involved here.” He said state permits may be required.

Mr. GreenWolf said 10 percent of the event’s proceeds will go to the Against Malaria Foundation, which provides underdeveloped countries with much-needed supplies to combat malaria.

If you are in the area, you can check out the escape attempt as well as the The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire on weekends from June 23 to July 8. 

Learn more about the Faire here:

Visit Mr. GreenWolf's excellent website here:

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