Malta Magic: Brian Role’ in Cartoonland

Poster for Brian Role' Magic in Cartoonland Malta Magician Brian Role' has got to be one of the hardest working performers in all of Magic. We hear from him when he has a minute or two as he works through his well-booked dance card.

In fact just today, we received word that his Magic in Cartoonland was a huge success.

Brian and a cast of 25 other artists took to the stage of the beautiful Malta's national theatre, Teatru Manoel for a two day run last week.

An incredible amount of creativity and effort went into the scripting and production of Magic in Cartoonland. Lavish sets were created by Marco Bartolo setting the scene for the magic as well as Alison White's brilliantly choreographed dance routines. The gifted Michelle Bugeja Zerafa, in the role of Wonderbell the magical fairy, led the audience through the illusion sets.

The show was packed with magic: a young audience member took to the air on a flying, and two other kids visited Cartoonland's School of Wizards and Witches.

The kids were the willing guest stars. They were shrunk, transported, vanished, and produced – all without apparent permanent physical harm.

Of course you can hardly visit Cartoonland without encountering the cartoon characters that give the land its name. The full-sized versions of the normally two-dimensional entertainers were produced from thin-air at the Magic Castle.

And as if that wasn't enough; the cast met with the kids outside the theater where they gave the young audience members special gifts.

Brian and the lovely Lourdes C Palmer sent a list of the illusions and effects performed. Gifts or no gifts, we wish we could have attended to see our personal favorite illusion of all time, Alan Wakeling's Sawing in Half and Jim Steinmeyer's Girl in a Puzzle. Brian wrote the story and script directed by Alan Fenech.

We heard Brian leaves at the end of October to perform in Qatar, Norway, Spain and Germany during corporate events as well as on cruises. He would love to meet with other magicians so drop him a line.

For more information about Brian and Lourdes visit , BLEEP Entertainment Services Malta visit and the Manoel Theatre visit

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