China TV: Dean Gunnarson’s Coaster Escape Live

Hi Tim,

I have been back in China performing more big and dangerous escapes for the last ten days.

As you know, on July 26th I was hit by a speeding Roller Coaster while filming my TV special in Beijing.

Two months to the day after having my foot crushed as I leaped almost clear of the coaster, I was in Chengdu, China attempting, yes, another and even more dangerous Coaster escape.

I was chained and handcuffed to the tracks of one of China’s newest and fastest roller coaster. This time I was doing it on a live television show, with a live audience, swarms of media representatives, and, of course, a broken foot.

The escape was to promote many upcoming escapes I will be performing throughout the 61st Anniversary of National Day.

The National Day is actually a week, running from October first through the seventh.

On this day, the Chinese celebrate their victory over the evil democratic Chinese that were forced to flee to Taiwan in 1949 after they lost the civil war.

(So what better way to celebrate this Historic day then to bring in an escape artist that liberates himself from constant live and death manacles and symbolizes Freedom?)

Since I am writing this now you can assume that I lived. But it was a very interesting experience allowing myself to be chained to the tracks again and so soon.

I am still wearing an ankle support and it causes tremendous pain when I use it to run, walk up or down stairs, much less pushing off the track to get clear of the speeding coaster.

Anyway I escaped at the last moment. I made a less than graceful exit but I had all my body parts with me this time!!!!

My father always taught me that when you get bucked off a horse, you wipe the blood off your nose and get right back on!

So I did.

Escapes are difficult to plan in China. Actually trying to do anything in China is VERY challenging because of the language, the vast difference in our cultures, and because it just seems harder to get things done.

It is a little nerve racking when they decide they are changing everything that you worked on at the very last second — especially with your life on the line.

This stunt was also difficult because it is only the first of many shows I am scheduled to perform in China. I had to save some of me for the next day when I planned to be hanging 100 feet in the air by my ankles, locked up, and hoping to escape before the rope suspending me burned through.

I guess that story is for another day.

At least the Chinese food is good here……

Take care. Always escaping,

Dean Gunnarson

We have put the video up in the Inside Magic Library.  Be sure to check out Dean Gunnarson’s amazing web site for images, videos, stories, and gift items!

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