Dusty and Timmy Separate – Dragon Puppet on eBay

We don’t usually plug our sales on eBay.

Most of the time we are selling horrible goods with starting prices well above what any rational person would pay, to which we tack on incredibly inflated shipping charges.

Remember when we were selling our knock-off of Nickels to Dimes made out of kiln-hardened clay? We don’t think many of those even made to the buyers in one piece.

Who could forget our Pen thru Anything rip-off described as “the Original” because it used a quill instead of a ball point pen?

If it hadn’t been for those pesky game wardens, we’d still be selling that trick.

We thought the Bald Eagle would stand for capitalism and understand our need for his feathers.

Well, today we listed a good friend on eBay.

Dusty the Dragon is leaving the act and we wish him well. He is a smoke-breathing dragon puppet made by Axtell Studios and used in our Kid Show act. The kids loved him. They were always excited and shocked when he would blow smoke out of his nose.

We had a wonderful time together but decided the time had come to go separate ways. We hope a young magician or ventriloquist will pick him up. He deserves to stay in the business.

We had him made with all the upgrades – the smoke package and arm control. He cost us close to $600.00 but we started the bidding at $28.88 without reserve and we’ll ship him free anywhere in the U.S.

You can check him out on eBay here.

We’re going to return to our fetal position and sobbing corner now.

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