An Insane Kegger: Dean Gunnarson’s Latest Escape

Dean Gunnarson Locked Up Tight and Ready for Most Dangerous Escape YetDean Gunnarson is an Escape Artist without peer and an Inside Magic Favorite.

We have been following his exploits and insanity for almost a decade now.

There are two questions for which we do not need an answer: Why does he do it? How does he do it?

This Saturday, April 10, 2010, he will attempt an escape even the great Houdini found difficult and dangerous.

The show organizers plan to place the Canadian phenom in a keg of beer and seal it.   As if this was not enough — and frankly, shouldn’t it be — Dean Gunnarson will be handcuffed.

He  assures us he intends to escape in full-view of the audience.

“They’re going to take a metal drum, fill it full of beer, handcuff and chain me up, submerge me inside the drum and then lock the lid on with chains and padlocks from the outside,” he told the CBC for broadcast across the country. “The cool part is that I’m not going to use any smoke or any mirrors, or anything like that. People will be able to see the whole escape.”

Dean Gunnarson is a teetotaler.  He tells us that he has never even tasted beer.  We are guessing he does not begin drinking on Saturday.

“I’ve got some friends or relatives who would probably pay to do this. But for me, it’s not going to be a fun thing at all,” Gunnarson said of the escape he will attempt Saturday at the Off-Campus Social Club at Canad Inn Express on Pembina Highway.

“Some people might think being in a big vat of beer sounds appealing but I’ve never drank beer in my life. Never. I don’t drink alcohol, period. I’ve never had a sip of beer.”

Houdini did this escape — once.  “This is an escape that Houdini actually performed in the early 1900s. It was so dangerous that he passed out and they had to pull him out to rescue him,” Dean Gunnarson said, adding immersing one’s self in beer is more dangerous than it appears. “The fumes and stuff that it produces are very dangerous. It can cause you to pass out and die.”

This is a very dangerous stunt but we are guessing Dean Gunnarson already knows that.  We wish him the best of luck and will post results and video here on Saturday night.

The stunt garnered Dean Gunnarson a tremendous amount of press.  Just take a look at a recent search on Google News.

Be sure to visit Dean Gunnarson’s incredible web site for the latest news, great videos, and souvenirs here:

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