Dean Gunnarson – Someone Stop Him!

Dean Gunnarson - Always EscapingWe love Dean Gunnarson (strictly in a “fan of great escape artistry” sense) and love means acceptance but we wonder at what point we need an intervention.

(Check out the story leading to our concern in The Prince Albert Daily Herald).

He has hung over the Bolder Dam, been buried alive in concrete, been restrained by two tractor trailers pulling in opposite directions, and even performed the true Buried Alive live on television.

But frankly, we’re worn out.  It is getting close to “tough love” time.

Tonight, as we recline in the faux leather captain chair in our RV of Love  and dream of a day when a person will be permitted to “park” a vehicle/home in a public park for more than 24 hours at a time, we understand Mr. Gunnarson is performing what may be his most dangerous escape yet.

Magicians will quickly recognize why this particular stunt is more dangerous than your average escape stunt.

Non-magicians reading the following description will either have to study escape-ology or ask a magician.  Trust us, this is a very dangerous method designed to deliver incredible impact.

In Prince Albert tonight he’ll try an escape he’s never done before.

First he will be handcuffed and wrapped in chains with a padlock around his neck. Then he’s dumped in a trashcan sized tank of water, a lid is placed on top and chained down, with a padlock on the outside.

“There’s no curtains, no smoke, no mirrors. Nothing,” he said, relaxing on a set of bleachers at the Prince Albert exhibition Tuesday afternoon before his show.

Attempting to escape from a sealed, water-filled steel can in front of a live audience in the open borders on lunacy.

We will find out later how it went and report back here.

Dean, Dean, Dean, when is it enough?!

Why not do a Kellar Tie or Siberian Chain Escape.

We’ve been doing both for  tens and tens of semi-interested and apparently lucid fans for the last fifteen years and have never failed or come close to a drowning death.

We did nearly choke real badly once when we had a cold during a show.  Of course that wasn’t during our escape; we were twisting balloon animals.  But that was close enough to asphyxiation for us.

Scare yourself silly by visiting Dean Gunnarson’s Always Escaping web site.

We’ve given him a preferred listing in The Inside Magic Links of Fame but if he keeps this up, we might re-think our actions.

We fear we may be enabling him.

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