Cannon’s Great Escapist Fuel

Nosey Neighbor Close-UpThere are very few in our society who receive and devour magazines and catalogs featuring the very latest in leather tethers, handcuffs, stocks, chains, and leg irons without making it on some government list.

Magicians and legitimate law enforcement are about the only folks who have an excuse for this interest.

We don’t pass judgment on the others who receive such reading material on a monthly basis; but are also careful to avoid passing their house at night or upsetting them in any way.

Canon’s Great Escapes is our favorite place to enjoy our harmless passion.

We haven’t performed an escape (other than a handcuff in-and-out in our current show) in years.

We never owned a Chinese Water Torture Tank, Underwater Packing Box or Barrel Escape, a Milk Can Escape, or even a Substitution Trunk. We have fantasized about each of those devices, however.

Does that make us bad or abnormal? Thank goodness magicians can get away with such daydreams.

Mark and Shelia Cannon are bona fide escape artists. They walk the walk, pick the locks, hold their breath in ice-cold water, and keep audiences on the edge.

A trip through Cannon’s Great Escapes printed catalog or their on-line version is a great chance to rub up against working escape artists and see equipment through their eyes. The descriptions accompanying each item bring even greater distraction from one’s “real life.” The trade-offs inherent in any piece of escape equipment is explained because the professional needs to know what the lock, handcuff, chain, box, rope can do every time it is used.

Check out their site and see if you don’t find yourself in a fantasy-filled trance.

While you’re there, be sure to sign-up for Cannon’s Great Escapes Convention scheduled for this October 6th in beautiful Orange County, California. It gets better every year.

Visit the site now by going here:

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