Disbelievers: Criss Angel’s Friends ‘No-Show’

The Los Angeles Times hoped to have an interview with Criss Angel either before or after the Halloween debut of his new hundred million dollar show, Believe.

Their entertainment writer was relatively certain an interview could be had.

After all, Mr. Angel has not been shy in the past.

He takes pains to share intimate details of his love lives and his party goings-on go on-and-on.

Richard Abowitz writes:

But when I contacted Angel’s representative, I was told by e-mail: “We aren’t granting one on one interviews with Criss for the forseeable (sic) future.” I asked if there was an explanation for this change in policy, and the reply was simply: “No.”


Criss Angel and his people believe it is the press that has brought the negative vibe to his new show. Rather than improve the show or work to smooze the press, they decided to freeze them out.

Assuming the show intends to stay around for more than a month or so, it might be smart to make nice with the media.  Someone once observed “never get into an ink-war with a company that buys it by the barrel.”

The L.A. Times is quick to observe that even the so-called “Bad Boys of Magic” do not behave in such an anti-social manner.

[U]nlike the unapproachable Angel, say, you had a question for Penn or Teller (who also have a successful cable show and have sold many more tickets for many more years) or wanted to discuss being offended by something in their act at the Rio –just ask them. You don’t have to be press to talk to those guys.

After each show, they greet their audience at the exits, pose for pictures and take questions from anyone and everyone.

You don’t even really have to go to their show, just show up when it lets out. Penn & Teller take all comers when it comes to questions.

Could anyone imagine Criss Angel having the confidence or the interest in doing that sort of thing? Of course, nowadays Angel won’t even face a reporter one on one.

According to the L.A. Times, Criss Angel could use all the friends he can find.  The paper notes he was ditched by his celebrity pals on opening night.  Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Camron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and Pam Anderson were no-shows.

Believe’s red carpet is going to be filled with generic celebrity headliners from the Vegas circuit (Seigfried Fischbacher, Marie Osmond, etc.) the second-rate metal bands that Angel worships . . . .”


Don’t mess with the Press.

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