Magic Castle Celebrates New Houdini Star

Halloween means different things to different people.

To kids, it means costumes and candy.  To adults, it means candy without the need for costumes.  To magicians — half-way between kids and adults on the maturity scale — it means increased bookings and Houdini.

The Magic Castle sends news of their good work on the streets of Hollywood; where adults of all callings can wear festive and mysterious costumes year-round.

The Magic Castle’s Founder, Milt Larsen received a call on November 1, 2000 from a concerned visitor to the Walk of Fame, that the Houdini star, located just one block south of The Magic Castle, was cracked.

Interestingly, the manifestation happened exactly 25 years to the day of its placement at Hollywood and Orange.

Thanks to the efforts and donations of David Copperfield, Penn and Teller, Lance Burton, Tihany, Marvyn Roy (Mr. Electric), Siegfried and Roy, and the Larsens, Houdini’s star has been refurbished.  The Magic Castle and some of its Hollywood friends unveiled the new star on October 24, 2008 — the 84th anniversary of Houdini’s last performance.

Coincidentally, The Magic Castle is announcing the newly renovated Final Houdini Seance in the heart of The Magic Castle.

Mr. Larson hopes to entice Inside Magic readers to dine and participate in the presentation.

Patrons will be entertained by the mysteries of communicating with those who have crossed over after enjoying a gourmet dinner. Guests will marvel as images appear out of thin air and senses are tantalized beyond belief. The voice of the great Houdini himself may even be heard in this recreation of the Final Houdini Seance.

The Magic Castle’s spectacular Final Houdini Seance is worth the trip to Hollywood by itself.  But visitors will also enjoy magic presented in The Palace of Mystery Theatre, The Parlor of Prestidigitation, The Close-up Gallery and the Peller Theatre.

The actual Final Seance occurred in 1936 high atop the nearby Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood on Halloween.  It was the tenth annual attempt by Bess Houdini to make contact with her beloved.

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