New TV Show: Magicians Do The Hustle

Magicians Star in HustleMagicians Dani Marco, Apollo Robbins and Ryan Oakes star in the first new series for TruTV, the former Court TV.

The cable outlet changed its name to move their focus from the courtroom to reality-based crime shows.  

The Real Hustle premiers tonight on TruTV.

Briefly described "A trio of photogenic faux con artists, some with
background as magicians, execute cons on unsuspecting New Yorkers and
then reveal their deceptions to their marks."

Yes, the stars expose the secrets to their heists but it is okay, says the network.  The reveal methods as "a good warning for viewers but it might also
show would-be cons how to get in the game."

Congratulations to the trio for the new show and best of luck.


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