Magician Swaps Wife on ABC Tonight

As if we needed to tell you . . .

Tonight, Wednesday, January 23rd, at precisely 8:00 PM, ABC Television’s Wife Swap features a magician from the Toledo, Ohio area.

We have on very good authority brother magician Martin is a funny guy and outstanding magician.   We have no idea how he does with a brand-new, less relaxed wife.

According to ABC, Mr. Martin swapped his "easy-going Melissa, for the micro-managing Jennifer Galvan from California.
Mr. Martin’s wife was required to live with Jennifer’s hubby, Richard out in California.

Andrew is a full-time magician for 25 years, and Melissa, his  wife of eleven years, manages his career.


Their children, Eli and Emma, also perform; Eli has an act that his sister Emma assists him with.
Apparently things do not go so well. 
Watch for the magic.

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