Columnist: Blaine Should be Homeless

britney - because she's prettier than blaine
The Pensacola News-Journal (Florida) columnist Chemarryn Thornton made us laugh loudly this morning as we read his take on those who lack talent but not fame.

His column is titled "Even K-Fed has to shout: Baby got hack!" 

(K-Fed is his endearing term for Kevin Federline – the unworthy hubby of Quinlan's Inside Magic fave Britney Spears).

We agree with Mr. Thornton's insightful analysis. 

There are many true hacks in the biz that push out the truly talented.

His theory is proven and hits home with his discussion of David Blaine:

There's no doubt magician David Blaine has
his followers, but so did the Spice Girls, and now they're all begging
for loose change on the cold London streets.

Granted, that might
be a slight exaggeration, but it will be where Blaine finds himself
once the world realizes the only magic trick he's performing is the one
where he keeps people spellbound while doing absolutely nothing.

Thanks to America's obsession with the talentless, Blaine flourishes while real magicians dig for food next to Sporty Spice.

As we say here at the Old Hack's Home, "Dawg, that's cold!"

Check out this great column to get a great start to your morning.




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