Brock Gill: Tearing It Up!

Brock Gill
We heard from Scott Crews on behalf of the incredible Brock Gill. He was kind
enough to bring us the very latest news on the Freedom Experience tour.

We are looking forward to seeing the show as it works its way through the
South. Mr. Gill's cutting-edge and death-defying performances not only
entertained audiences but also provided the perfect opportunity to bring
audiences the Good News.

This is not your father's Gospel Magician but most assuredly Our Father's

If you are anywhere near the tour locations, make plans to attend.


Freedom Experience kicked off the year with its first stop in New
Castle, KY. New Castle, with a population of 930, is one of the smaller towns
we've stopped in throughout the years.

To our amazement, God brought over 6,700
people to the event! It was truly remarkable to see the Henry County Gymnasium
fill up night after night. Even more remarkable was watching God speak through
illusionist Brock Gill to the audience.

Through the three day event, 314 people
came to know Christ for the first time, and 213 also made decisions to recommit
their lives to Christ.

This FX was our largest to date. In 2003 when we began FX, we averaged around
1900 people in attendance at each event. In 2004 we saw the average grow to
around 2300. Last year (2005) we saw a tremendous increase as we began averaging
crowds of 3500, and we set a record of 6,000 people at a single FX.

This year God is already doing something big, and blowing all of our previous
events out of the water as he draws huge crowds to Himself.

The entire event in New Castle was excellent. We were hosted by a network of
youth pastors, led by Mark Combs of Pleasureville Baptist Church.

Mark had done
a great job of reading the handbook that we send to all our hosts, and he and
his team captains were prepared for the event when the time came. They had
ramped up promotion in the weeks leading up to the event to make sure everyone
in Henry County knew we were coming.

They also made sure that there were plenty
of counselors on hand to talk and pray with the people making decisions.

The most important preparation they made was having a team full of prayer
warriors who prayed for the event daily. For the team coming in to produce the
event, we could feel the effects of their prayers from the minute we arrived.

This event truly was a God-ordained event, and I am thrilled to announce that
the Kingdom of God has 317 new members.

Where do we go from here? This fall is already shaping up to be a busy

We are still scheduling dates, though we are almost full! We are excited
to be heading to Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas.

can't wait to see what God has in store for each event. Thank you for your
prayers and support of our ministry.

Have you made it this far and you're still not sure what the Freedom
Experience is all about?

It is a three night event featuring Brock Gill with BMX
team Chaos on Wheels, a band, and often much more! You can click the link on the
right or go to

By the way, make sure you check out Mr. Gill's incredible web site. One of
the best we've seen in a long while.

Finally, you can read today's
edition of the Western Recorder
for their take on Brock Gill's show.



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