Graduate of European Masterclass Stars

ian carpenter - master magicianWe received a press release from Ian 'Mindwriter' Carpenter of Bath, England. 

The release was brimming with the excitement and enthusiasm often found in the recent attendees of Jeff McBride's Master Class.

But Mr. Carpenter did not attend the Las Vegas seminar.  He took the 45 minute flight to Amsterdam to take part in Amsterdam’s ‘Mystèr’ Magical Masterclass.  The new program is an expansion of Mr. McBride's very successful school.

From his press release:  

During the five day intensive Masterclass sessions, Ian performed for Eugene ‘Dumbledore’ Burger (3-time Magic Castle Close-up Magician of the Year) and Jeff ‘James Potter’ McBride (voted “Best of Las Vegas” by the Vegas critics & “Magician of the Year” by Hollywood’s Magic Castle).

Masterclass originated in Las Vegas, but has expanded to include the Netherlands as a key European base for the pursuit of magical excellence.

In the unique Masterclass format, performers
have a chance to present and work on their best material, hands-on with
McBride & Burger. Performances are also videotaped for later

Fellow students this year included acts entered for
F.I.S.M. Sweden 2006, the prestigious international magic conference.

Past students have gone on to win F.I.S.M. as well as major awards at
the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American
Magicians conventions.

Ian has performed magic professionally since he met and befriended
Derren Brown several years ago, at a British convention, and now
performs regularly for private parties and corporate clients.

At this year’s class, his third, Ian gained invaluable
advice on developing his own new Mindwriter act and persona. After
performing it at upmarket restaurant/bar Club Rain in Amsterdam, he is
now looking for a suitable equivalent locally.

Good Luck to Mr. McBride's newest venture. 

We really liked Mr. Carpenter's web site, by the way.  Check it out here . . .

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