David Blaine Gets Outside (Himself) to Help Wounded Troops

Inside Magic Image of David BlaineAmerican Forces Press Service reports a reappearance of David Blaine.

The picture of Mr. Blaine shows he has more than recovered from his 44-day stunt.  He looks darn-right almost chunky.

He visited the Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston, Texas to perform “street magic” for those wounded fighting men and women in our Armed Services.

Mr. Blaine performed three shows at the center: the Amputee Care Center; the Burn Center; and, the hospital auditorium.

The Armed Service Press reported “thrilled his BAMC audience with his street-style magic as he moved about the rooms performing sleight of hand and card tricks for the patients.”

Blaine is often called the “Ice Guy” – after freezing himself in a solid block of ice for three days in 2000. One center patient from New York, Marine Cpl. Merlin German, remembered watching Blaine as he emerged from the ice block in Times Square. Now recovering from burns sustained in the global war on terrorism, German was pleased Blaine took the time to come see the wounded.

“He was very inspiring to me,” German said, adding that Blaine, who invited him and his parents to a show in New York after he recovers, now sees him as a friend.”

Mr. Blaine was so moved by the “wounded troops that he returned Nov. 23 and 25 to personally visit with them.”  Sgt. Kevin Downs told reporters Mr. Blaine visited him as “a special birthday gift.”

“I was very surprised and appreciative of David Blaine’s visit to support our wounded soldiers,” said Downs. “I will always remember my 21st birthday because David and everyone else in the room sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.”

We do no know whether Mr. Blaine had a television crew along during his appearances.

We do know from Mr. Blaine’s web site, his next ABC Special is set for May 26, 2006.

Mr. Blaine does not tell us much about the upcoming special or even what he is currently doing; only that he is “working day and night” and that while he does not know when the next stunt will start, he does know when it will end — the day of the ABC Special.

We kind of hope Mr. Blaine did not bring a crew along during the humanitarian visits.

We won’t be surprised, however, if we see footage from the visits during his upcoming special.  We’d like to think Mr. Blaine can do something for reasons other than self-promotion.

Regardless of his motivation, the visits meant much to the men and women who have given so much of themselves in our defense.

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