Daryl and Alison: That’s Knot Yours!

Inside Magic Image of 1900's Magic Kit Sold by F. W. Martin Co.Abracadabra Magic is currently advertising the “Jumping Knot” on their website and in possibly in print.  One very observant member of the IBM’s Ring 2100 thought the effect looked similar to Daryl’s “Jumping Knot of Pakistan.”

Daryl obtained the rights from Pavel and certainly has not licensed or permitted anyone to sell his product. 

Daryl’s wife, Alison, writes:

No – this is *absolutely* being sold without permission. This is blatant rip-off of Daryl’s “Jumping Knot of Pakistan” which, as you say, is Daryl’s routine for Pavel’s “Fantastic Knot”. Daryl obtained the rights for this effect from Pavel almost 20 years ago!

Abracadabra have apparently been supplied this by another manufacturer. This type of blatant theft is insulting to the creators and hurts magic in general. We already know of one prolific inventor who has decided to keep his future projects to himself to avoid this situation. Magic is going to be so much poorer if others are pushed in the same direction.

Please, please, please do not support this!

They also mention in the ad. that other dealers are selling this for up to $75!!! I’d like to know who?! We sell the original for $25.

Please check out the similarities!

I called to speak to Abracadabra today to see if they are aware that they are selling a copy. Robert Bokor is not available until this afternoon.

Thanks to all of those out there who are “watching our back” and supporting the creators of magic – we really appreciate you!


[Editor: Daryl and Alison have taken such good care of our art and their dedication to inventing and innovating is what makes magic fun.

Check out the Fooler Doolers website right now to see their great offerings.  We think every magic library should have Daryl’s Encyclopedia of Card Sleights volumes one through eight.  It is, in our humble opinion, the ultimate collection for the card worker or even a magician who does one or two card tricks.  Now that it is available on DVD, we will probably rebuy our set.  It is that good.  Click here to go to the Encyclopedia DVD’s.]

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