Dean Gunnarson – Certifiable

Dean GunnarsonWhat do we do to help the insane in our business?

What do you say about someone who is insane?  One can be solicitious.  One can grin nicely and say, “well, he is just adventurous,” or “it must be a magic trick — after all, he is a magician.”

But those words fail.  They neither diagnose nor treat.

True, Dean Gunnarson is a magician who does magic and performs magic effects.

But the methods of producing a rabbit from a hat or making silks change color do not help one attempting to escape from a straight jacket whilst hanging by one’s toes from a trapeze bar 726 feet over Hoover Dam.

Mr. Gunnarson is crazy about our art as well.

He pushes the limit on a daily basis to entertain either as an opening act for legendary bands like Aerosmith or great public events or television specials like World’s Most Dangerous Magic II on NBC.

Despite his clear inability to discern danger, Mr. Gunnarson has always been one of our favorites at Inside Magic.

His desire to help little sites like ours and to promote magic as both an avocation and great performing art makes him one of the best.

Mr. Gunnarson’s site is now on our Inside Magic Links of Fame.

Check it out and drop him a line.

Tell him we think he is certifiable but be nice and avoid sudden movements or threatening tones.

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