Mistakes Is Us! Errors and Omissions

It is the practice of Inside Magic to immediately (within two months) correct any mistake or error or complete fabrication (unless it got us attention). If you believe we have made a mistake or libeled you, please let us know and we?ll do what we need to do to cover ourselves.

In the February 2nd Edition of Inside Magic, we incorrectly announced the birth of a new type of practitioner called ?The Card Magician.? The article proclaimed that these ?Card Magicians? would be able to use decks of playing cards ? even the cheap ones with pictures of kitties eating pasta like you have in your kitchen junk drawer ? and perform miracles.


One of the tricks we predicted would eventually be developed was an Ace Assembly where the four aces are lost in the deck and they are all found together in a motel room near the airport or on the top of the deck.
We did not, however, predict that your uncle would invent a trick where you endlessly deal seven cards in four neat rows, ask which row contained your card, and then deal the rows again. We regret the error. We also note it is so unfair that your uncle did not win FISM with his card trick. We attribute his loss to: 1) his nose hair; 2) his ear hair; 3) his breath; 4) the 20 minute time limit for performance of a single effect (he was still asking the Italian judge, ?which row now?!? when time ran out); 5 his inappropriate reference to the female judges as “skirts” and the male judges as “foreigners.” Prejudice is everywhere, even in magic.
In the December 12th Edition of Inside Magic, we accidentally reprinted the entire collection of Jeff McBride?s published works without first seeking permission from the author.

Mr. McBride was very kind (although his lawyer was a complete jerk! ? and you can?t sueus for saying that because truth is a defense) and we immediately destroyed the hard drives of those readers that downloaded the illicit text with a worm.


In the April 25th Southern Hemisphere Edition of Inside Magic, we recklessly published that the great South Pole Magician, ?Frosty the Fantastic,? had died.He hadn?t; he just wasn?t moving so well.We also incorrectly gave the county coroner?s phone number for those looking to book Frosty for kids? parties.

This was not only wrong it was stupid. If he was dead, he wouldn?t be doing kids? parties ? some kids freak-out just seeing a clown much less a cadaver in a tuxedo trying to blow up a balloon.


In the May 13th Edition of Inside Magic, we omitted the following instructions:

Do not really push the knife into your eye. Only make it look like you have. Then put the flash paper on your cornea, but gently.

We regret the error and thank Thomas VanGarden, now known as Pirate Pete, for bringing this to our attention.


In the June 28th edition of Inside Magic, we suggested without basis that magic was a way to make you rich and popular. As it turns out, there were no studies or facts to support this suggestion (other than David Copperfield but he broke up with Claudia so that doesn’t count). We regret the error and our chosen vocation (sometimes).

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