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Woody Allen Disgruntled with Chicken at Magic Castle

Sad BunnyThe National Enquirer spills the fava beans with a story about Woody Allen being disgruntled at The Magic Castle.

We have always said that if some cannot be gruntled at the Magic Castle, there is no place they will not be disgruntled.  This just proves our point.

According to The Enquirer’s Mike Walker, Mr. Allen ordered a “plain broiled chicken” for his entrée.  Unfortunately, the chef did not serve him just a plain piece of poultry but provided a portion with a “special sauce.”

According to Mr. Walker’s sources, Mr. Allen became “really upset.  All he’d wanted was plain broiled chicken, so he barely touched the meal.”

He complained about it later when a strolling magician asked how he was enjoying the evening.  “So far, nobody’s made my hunger disappear!”

See what he did there?  Hunger, disappear, magic trick, dinner disgruntlement.

Mr. Allen participated in a trick where the magician caused his $100.00 bill to vanish.   He couldn’t let go of his chicken issues, though.

He apparently rolled his eyes and commented “I’ll be happy if it reappears as a plain broiled chicken!’”

Oh, dear.  He must be thinking of that old U.F. Grant parlor trick, Bill to Chicken Supreme.  We used to perform it back in the late 1960s and early 1970s before the animal rights folks became so insistent.  It was a great trick and depended on a pull to hook onto the chicken’s feet with a little Velcro harness that could be difficult to work.

Jimmy King later came out with a much more effective harness system for the chicken vanish but by then audiences had come to disapprove of tricks involving freshly cooked birds.