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Documentary Asks, Uri Geller – Psychic Spy?

Inside Magic Image of Psychic SignPunctuation marks, like psychics and documentary film producers, can be powerful.

It can protect authors from ridicule and add to legends.  For instance: “Inside Magic wins Nobel Prize!” contains the same words as “Inside Magic wins Nobel Prize?” but says something entirely different.  The first statement would be considered false (at least so far) but the second phrase is merely a question.

So the name of the new documentary by Vikram Jayanti, The Secret Life of Uri Geller – Psychic Spy? conveys something or maybe nothing.  The documentary is just asking a question, that’s all.

We have not seen the documentary yet but have doubts about the premise.   Those doubts spring from our doubts about Mr. Geller’s psychic ability.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, the film “offers compelling evidence of his involvement in the shadowy world of espionage.

“Uri has a controversial reputation. A lot of people think he is a fraud, a lot of people think he is a trickster and makes things up but at the same time he has a huge following and a history of doing things that nobody can explain,” Mr. Jayanti told reporters.

Speaking to The Independent, Geller acknowledged alarm when he first saw Jayanti’s documentary.

Mr. Geller said he is “happy that the doc is showing ‘a serious side’ to him.” Mr. Geller claims he used his psychic skills to accomplish positive things, nothing negative.  For instance, he refused a request to kill a pig by stopping its heart via telepathy.  He was concerned his spy handlers would next ask him to kill a human with the same unexplained powers.  Presumably he saw this dangerous slippery slope thanks to his ability to foretell the future or maybe it was just a hunch. Continue reading “Documentary Asks, Uri Geller – Psychic Spy?”