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NY Times Writer Opens Tannen’s Mystery Box

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The news on the pages of The New York Times has been less than uplifting and encouraging lately.  Because we believe the best reality is the one you make for yourself and that delusion begins at home, we cast our journalistic net back a few month to find a counterbalance to the death, dissention and dismay.

It is not hyperbole to say Tannen’s Magic is to magic what P.B. Terrazzo and Sons is to Terrazzo floor installations (cement or epoxy).  Every young magicians dreams of visiting Tannen’s to simply hang-out, listen, learn and shop.  Similarly, who among the teeming youth that makes up the Terrazzo apprentice corps can say they have not wistfully visualize their first visit to the Fredericksburg, Texas abode of all things Terrazzo, The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association.

New York Times writer Dean Robinson investigated one of the most intriguing products sold at Tannen’s over the years: The Mystery Box.

Filmmaker J.J. Abrams told a conference audience that movies and stories are essentially “mystery boxes.”  The mystery box was not a concept or rhetorical device but an actual box sold by Tannen’s Magic.  The filmmaker never opened his – “it represents infinite possibility.  It represents hope. It represents potential.”
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