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Magician-Lawyer Charged in Net Sex Sting

Howard Scott Kalin Booking Photo 47-year-old Howard Kalin, owner of the children’s entertainment company “Funhouse Entertainment” was arrested yesterday in Lake County, Florida.

The Magician-Lawyer is accused of traveling from Maryland to Central Florida to have sex with a 14-year-old, according to the .

Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Howard Kalin on Monday. Detectives said Kalin posed as a caregiver and a teenager in a online chatroom.

Mr. Kalin is an attorney and magician in the Baltimore area.

Baltimore County police detectives removed computers equipment from the Mr. Kalin’s home in Essex, Maryland.

Charging documents show that when Kalin arrived at what he thought was the boy’s home in Lake County Florida — with a box of condoms and liquid lubricant –he was met by Lake County investigators, and taken into custody.

Mr. Kalin’s company’s web site describes him as “A master balloon artist who is loved by kids and adults alike.”

His neighbors suspected nothing and said they were surprised by the charges.

“Very nice he was always interested in what everybody was doing, though. Watch everything. Liked to look in houses too when the doors were open,” says Jackie Green, who lives on Kalin’s street.
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