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Magician Performs Trick to Avoid Speeding Ticket

steven-brundageThere is a difference between street magic and side of the road magic.  Both are good, but one can get you out of traffic tickets.

Magician Steven Brundage was driving home from a holiday party and law enforcement in Scotia, New York clocked him going 42 mph in a 30 mph zone.

He was pulled over and the officer asked the usual questions one expects to hear, “where are you coming from? Do you know how fast you were going? Why do you have a Rubik’s Cube and playing cards on your front seat?”

He explained to the officer that he was a magician and was returning home from a performance.

The officer demanded proof.

“I said absolutely, and asked if I could record it mainly because it’s not every day an officer asks you to perform a trick,” Mr. Brundage said.  “I also asked if I could step out of the car and he said sure. As soon as I took the video, I called my girlfriend and said, ‘I have a viral video.'”

He got out of the ticket and has a new publicity piece.  Mr. Brundage’s video became a big hit on YouTube and Facebook.  He even got a gig on Good Morning America.

Some have suggested the video is not authentic and was staged for publicity purposes.  Regardless, it is a great angle or cool true story.

Inside Magic does not condone speeding or lawless driving habits – even if one hopes to be pulled over for magic-based reasons.

Check out Mr. Brundage’s video here.