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Steve Dacri’s Storage to be Cleared

Vintage-antique-oak-library-card-catalog-remington-rand--2We received the following from Marleen Dacri Goddard this weekend.

Hi, I am Steve Dacri’s ex-wife(married circa 1980s-1995) and mother of his son Jesse.

Jesse and I are going to meet in Vegas the week of 3/31 and will be cleaning the storage area of Steve Dacri’s magic and personal belongings that have been left.  There is a vintage antique Oak Library Card Catalog that Steve used to store many tricks in.  I can’t think of a better use or anyone who might want it rather than a fellow magician who would like to keep his/her tricks in each little drawer.  Steve loved this unit as it kept each “trick” with the proper props it required in each drawer.

I don’t know what is left in the storage unit, but if anyone is interested in what I might find, please feel free to email me.

My main purpose is to get Steve’s Ashes out of the storage unit that his last wife left.  Jesse and I will hopefully find a nice place to let his ashes go during our trip.

Any ideas would be great! Coming from the East Coast.  Thanks for reading!

Steve Dacri Passes

Inside Magic Image of Steve Dacri - From Las Vegas Review-Journal

Norm Clarke has a very nice piece about the great Steve Dacri in today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Steve Dacri was a friend of Inside Magic and always quick to respond to our often bothersome emails about what was happening in Vegas.

From Norm Clarke’s column:

His quick wit helped him reach the big stage during his career. There were late-night show appearances with Merv Griffin, Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett and Mike Douglas. After almost four decades at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Las Vegas became his home in 2003 with his wife, Jan.

Steve Dacri was always encouraging and positive.  He had every right to be condescending or haughty but those traits did not seem to be in his nature.  He was kind.  He was nice.  It is a shame those two words sound so trite — perhaps because they are used so carelessly.

We will miss Steve.  Magic is less without him and his smile.

Read Norm Clarke’s column in today’s Las Vegas Review Journal:

Dacri exited life his way, optimistically” – News – ReviewJournal.com.

Steve Dacri’s Fastest Hands Conquers Time-Space

Image of Sleight of Hand Magician Steve Dacri on Inside MagicLas Vegas Review Journal columnist extraordinaire Mike Weatherford gave a short shot out about Inside Magic Favorite Steve Dacri doing what seems to be impossible.

No, we don’t mean he performed his incredible Martian Sponge Ball routine.  Yes, the routine is easily the best and does seem impossible, but we mean something that challenges the traditional notions we share about time being linear.

Here’s the line that caught our eye:

“Magician Steve Dacri wrapped his “In Your Face” close-up magic at the Las Vegas Hilton on Monday.  He says he completed a 52-week contract in less than a year.”

That’s something, no?

We can give away the secret on this one, though.  Steve told The Review-Journal a second night was added to the weekly schedule during the run of his incredibly successful “In Your Face” close-up show at the Las Vegas Hilton recently.

Steve Dacri is a stud in this business.

Regis Philbin called him “The Fastest Hands in the World.”  He is not only fast, but sure.  There is a great clip on one of this promotional videos of him performing the aforementioned Martians routine for Merv Griffin and Tony Curtis.  Merv makes the comment that he is amazed even though he has his nose buried in Steve’s pinky ring.

Check out the full article in The Review-Journal here.

Congratulations to Steve Dacri on an incredible run.  We understand he’ll be taking about a month off to perform in Florida and then return to the Hilton to a new run with more than one show each week.

We’ll be taking the Inside Magic Semi out to Vegas around the first week of November and hope he’s landed by then.

He is fun to watch whether you’re a magician or a layperson.  And if you’re a magician, he makes you feel like you’re a layman.  And that’s a good thing.

Visit Steve Dacri’s home on the world wide internets here.