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Failure Means a Drowning Death Redux

Inside Magic Image of Adam CardoneToday’s New York Daily News draws readers into its tabloid fold with the headlines “Snooki tweets photo of baby bump”  and Adam Cardone works magic on escapist fare.

If you are interested in the Snooki baby bump story, check out our sister website, Inside Snooki for the latest sonogram images of what she has cooking.  Here on Inside Magic, however, we discuss magic and not the kind of magic Snooki works on the MTV show Jersey Shore.  We’re talking the kind of magic that makes you feel good and involves some degree of book learnin’.

Mr. Cardone didn’t start off to be a magician.  He did recognize his extroverted nature would lead him into fields where his personality would be appreciated and perhaps rewarded.  Perhaps he does share something in common with Snooki.

“I’ve been an extrovert in my home life,” he says, “so why be any different in my professional life?”

He studied acting at the very prestigious and very tough to get into Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  With his Masters of Fine Arts in hand, he set off to act.  Soon, however, he found “straight acting” to be blasé.
So from straight acting to straight jackets, the young man with big dreams and high energy found magic and its sub-discipline of escape artistry.
He will appear in Brooklyn this Saturday at “The Olde Time Coney Island Strongman Spectacular,” a free event on W. 12th St. and the Bowery in Brooklyn.
Inspired by Harry Houdini, Mr. Cardone will perform the Milk Can Escape.  But with a twist.

“If you type ‘milk can escape’ into Google,” Mr. Cardone told the news folks, “it immediately comes up with the secret to the trick. I start my show by telling the audience Houdini’s way.”

His way, according to the Daily News is not an illusion but that the dangers of the escape are genuine. “The straitjacket is real, the locks are real, and the possibility of it all going very wrong is the most real of all.” Continue reading “Failure Means a Drowning Death Redux”