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Another Sale of Great Magic

MJM Magic proves our great-grandfather Big Tom Hardy was right.  He would say, "When it rains, it pores."

Of course, Big Tom Hardy never had access to something like The Tango Ultimate Reel at 15 percent off.

Yes, we know it is spelled incorrectly but that was how he intended it to be written.  Big Tom had a thing about open pores and healthy skin.  Some thought this was idle curiosity about biology, some said he was vain and looking for a way to maintain his youthful looks.  Others, however, claimed he used the alleged interest as a way of touching and closely examining young women.  The Cook County Civil Court and his first ex-wife, Belinda, were of this latter opinion. 

Regardless of his proclivities or idles, Big Tom knew what he liked and liked what he knew.  He didn't know anything he didn't like and didn't like not knowing that he didn't like something he didn't know yet. 

Plus, he was an opiate addict.

But our point is nonetheless valid.  When one thing happens, other things tend to happen that are like the first thing. 

For example, Columbus came to America  and within a short time it seemed like every European country was sending ships to our shores. 

Robert Harbin invented Zig-Zag and shortly thereafter, everyone invented it as well. 

In Sync appears on the scene as a pop boy band and are almost immediately followed by Back Street Boys and others.

The black plague kills a couple hundred people in the mid-1300s and soon, 65 percent of Europe was dead.

Moses writes five books on religion and before you can say something blasphemous, an entire "bible" is assembled.

Ellusionist announces a sale with big discounts and, Bingo, MJM comes out with an equally cool offering.

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