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Li’l Bing-Bong and Moscow Psychics

We were paging through The Moscow News looking for our favorite comic strip Li’l Bing-Bong. The Cleveland Plain Dealer used to be one of the few papers in the U.S. still running the strip; then it was the only paper in the U.S., and when we checked this morning, Li’l Bing-Bong and her friends from the Macaroni Factory are gone.

Someone said The Moscow News might pick up the strip because it had its roots in workers’ rights. But the Moscow News did not meet our needs. We fear Li’l Bing-Bong the perpetually over-worked but always scheming “noodle shaper in chief” and her dog “Li’l Bark-Birk” have passed on into the ether or special place where cartoons go.

We used to love reading the strip and never really associated it with any political party or economic philosophy. Yes, Li’l Bing-Bong’s parents were either killed or lost when they refused to push the noodle ship into the ocean for the voyage to New Town. Yes, Li’l Bing-Bong was always worried about co-workers turning her in for her “funny thoughts-n-stuff” or her schemes designed to get her out of the monotony of 14 hour days shaping noodles from raw, extruded pasta dough from which many a third and second-degree burn was received. Sure, she wore a uniform like everyone else in the factory city of New Town. Yes, her doggie “Li’l Bark-Birk” had to intentionally hide his natural intelligence and ability so he wouldn’t get shipped off to the re-learnin’ camps in Badville.

But we just thought those were comic devices to get a bigger laugh.

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