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Wayne Houchin Interview: Answers and Truth about Attack

Inside Magic Copy of Wayne Houchin's Promotional ImageMagicians worldwide were shocked by a Dominican Republic television host’s attack on Wayne Houchin last on November 27th.  The story rightly received almost instant world-wide circulation and condemnation.   Breaking news reports and vivid video gets the word out but can also allow for unfounded speculation and poor reporting.

Mr. Houchin and his lovely wife Fran sat down with the folks at The Magic Broadcast to offer a definitive recounting of the events and aftermath.  The interview is professional and worthy of your time.  In just over an hour, the Houchins dispel some of the more irresponsible reporting and rumor trading, explain their purpose in releasing the horrific video tape, express gratitude for the out-pouring of love and support from around the world, and detail their plans for the future.

Mr. Houchin provides an incredible chronology of the moments leading up to the assault and his adrenaline-fueled reaction to being lit on fire.  The event triggered his “fight or flight” mechanism which he said was more of a choice between fight, flight or freezing in place.

He felt like he was being consumed as he felt burning across his head before spreading to his shoulders.  He also felt an understandable sense of panic.   The adrenaline caused his perception to change.  He felt time slow and his focus intensify.  He stopped panicking and asked himself, “where are you running to?”  With incredible presence of mind, he reminded himself, “the decisions you are about to make will determine if you will survive.”  He performed a quick poll of his integrity:  “Systems check: breathing, thinking, you can move your body, you’re conscious.”  He reminded himself “we are not our bodies; we are the ‘knowers’ of our bodies.”

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