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Mac King Celebrates Young Authors

Inside Magic Image of Mac KingFollowing on the February 2011 launch of Mac King’s Magical Literacy Tour, the man himself visited with student/guests at the Annual Elaine Wynn 3rd Grade Book Publishing Party. Inside Magic Favorite Mac King has participated in the event for the last three years and has been a fervent proponent of literacy and providing children the opportunity to read more.

Mac King joined the “Wynning Authors” at Elaine Wynn Elementary School’s Third Grade Book Publishing Party. The fete honors young authors and encourages reading. The event showcases the students’ accomplishments as published authors and gives them a chance to read a passage from their books during the ceremony.

The magician recently named The Best Strip Headliner by Las Vegas Weekly, told the gathered kids that his interest in magic developed by “checking-out” a magic text from his elementary school library.

He now dedicates an enormous percentage of his available time visiting local Las Vegas schools to encourage kids to become readers and writers.

If you have a trip planned to Las Vegas, be sure to block out time to take in The Mac King Comedy Magic Show. He appears twice daily, Tuesday through Saturday, at Harrah’s Las Vegas at 1 and 3 p.m. in the Showroom Theatre.

Learn more about The Mac King Comedy Magic Show by visiting www.mackingshow.com.

22,000 Square Feet for Criss Angel

 happy in above ground pool littleRobin Leach goes full bore with a virtual open house tour of Criss Angel’s new home in Nevada.

Nicknamed Serenity, Robin Leach describes it blithely as “inspired by an Old World Tuscan castle, Criss Angel’s extraordinary 22,000-square-foot home is a breathtaking 2 1/2-acre mountaintop paradise with spectacular views of the mountains and the entire Las Vegas Strip.”

How nice is it?

Well, The Association of Pool and Spa professionals named his 22,000 square-foot pool and spa as one of the “Top Five Most Beautiful Residential Pools in America, and it won the Gold International Award.”

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Vegas Celebrates Mac King Day

Photograph by Steve Spatafore from Las Vegas Sun

After Memorial Day, one may wear white pants and white shoes. After Mac King Day, plaid jackets may be adorned with impunity.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman declared yesterday, May 4th to be “Mac King Day.”

In our book, everyday is Mac King Day except for October 31st, held for our solemn observation of Houdini’s death.

“Growing up in a family of magicians, magic has been my life,” Mac said. “I am truly honored to be celebrating 10 years with my show at Harrah’s Las Vegas. This is an exciting time for me, and I can’t wait to celebrate with the audience this afternoon.”

Mac King performed 5,200 shows for more than 1 million people at the main showroom at Harrah’s. He told Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun “that translates into 2,600 days of wearing his trademark plaid suits; 15,600 feet of rope used for his rope trick; 270,400 playing cards; 15,600 magically appearing Fig Newtons; and 26,000 audience volunteers pulled up onstage.”

The nice man and great magician comes from a family of magicians — both grandfathers were performers. He fell in love with the craft after checking out a library book — presumably about magic.

Check out Robin Leach’s complete article on Mac and his life in the spotlight at The Las Vegas Sun.