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Magic Trust and Betrayal

There is a maxim we follow — and we don’t mean the magazine by the same name. Although it is possible that the magazine Maxim actually has written about our maxim. Of course, we would never know. We trusted and apparently our trust was foolishly tossed to the four winds – three of which came from the person we trusted.

In fact, the more we think about that lying little creep, the more we become perturbed. She said she was selling magazine subscriptions for her troop. We’re always looking to help out any scouting activities and while we normally associate cookie sales with troop fund raising, we trusted.

And we gave her good money to go with that trust. We mean we paid for the subscriptions with “real money”; not a charge on one of our almost certainly over-the-limit credit cards or even proceeds from a cash advance or payday (HA!) loan.

Our intention was to use real funds to purchase subscriptions the great journals of our era; and help the local troop raise money for something.

Well, we learned the hard way.

We have not received a single issue from any of the top quality magazines we ordered.

Not one.

We paid over $422.12 for the subscriptions and received nothing. No cards falling out of the pages and cutting one’s lap or landing in the toilet. No poster-size images of the featured models in faraway places with a “come hither” or, in our case, “don’t bother,” or “stay there-ith” look in their eyes.

Yes, we were foolish to trust. We should have been suspicious and cautious. Did we already mention she wasn’t wearing a scout uniform?

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Hacked but We’re Back!

Female Hacker Attacks Inside Magic?Hacked!

Some have noticed that Inside Magic has been apparently dormant for a couple of weeks.  Perhaps, they thought, it was due to the holiday break or maybe Tim had gone on another bender.  Nay nay, we say.

We were hacked by someone, someone bad: Someone with too much time on their hands and technological sophistication sufficient to turn idle hands towards evil.

The site was hi-jacked by the hacker person so that the dedicated and decadent staff at Inside Magic was unable to get in.  We received a horrifying screen image each time we tried to enter and notification of our own impotence — a status about which we need no reminder, ever.

Finally, we restored the site to status quo ante, or so we thought.  As we attempted to enter the latest hub and bub from the world of Magic, we again met failure and our screen displayed the horrible image and notification that our expenditure of great funds for cleansing and refurbishment was for naught.

We hired a second team of specialists.

They were able to trace the ne’er-do-well to a country that is also an island and is also a continent in the Southern Hemisphere and with “A” as the first and last letter of its name.  Unfortunately, our site was not the only one hacked by this son of unmarried individuals.  Big sites with big names and big databases were also hacked and their security teams were able to identify the country but little more.

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