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Happy Birthday to Nozomi Sasaki

Inside Magic Image of Nozomi Sasaki in Magic Bunny OutfitInside Magic Favorite Nozomi Sasaki (“??? ?”) celebrates her birthday today.

We do not imagine she donned a Magician’s Rabbit costume as part of her fete but the press release from Fujicolor said she magically transformed into a bunny.

Fujicolor is celebrating its annual post card promotion and apparently wanted to show off the quality of its digital products by having gravure idol Nozomi Sasaki hidden within a big pink costume just in time to celebrate the Chinese new year which coincidentally is the Year of the Rabbit.

Yes, we know that Fujicolor and Nozomi Sasaki are Japanese but the press release said the costume was in recognition of the Chinese New Year.

That’s good enough for us.

Happy Birthday, Miss Sasaki-chan!

Here is a less costumed image of Miss Sasaki.

Inside Magic Image of Nozomi Sasaki