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Houdini Teaches Us How to Be More Manly

Inside Magic Image of Harry HoudiniSomeone smart once wrote, “Pride goeth before the Fall.”  We think that has something to do about not wearing white shoes after Labor Day but haven’t had the time to run a Google search on it yet.

We have been too  busy learning how to be far more manly that we have been heretofore.  We try to be manly every chance we get (not that often) but even when we try our rather effeminate laugh gets in the way.

Imagine our joy, then, when we found the website The Art of Manliness.  Imagine our double joy, even more, when we found their article Lessons in Manliness from Harry Houdini.

Houdini was (and is) a role model for our development.  He was into the exercise craze before it was even a craze or socially acceptable.  He didn’t drink, smoke, use drugs and worked hard at everything he tried.  Perhaps that is why he remains such an important figure in the public consciousness almost 100 years after his untimely death.

The advice derived from his robust approach to life is applicable to non-magicians and even non-males.  Maybe the article should have been titled “Lessons in Personliness from Harry Houdini” or maybe not.  Probably not.

Check out the full article and be inspired in your pursuit of goals important to you.

David Blaine: Dad to Be

Inside Magic: At the Intersection of Fashion and Magic - David Blaine Announces he is a Dad-to-BeCongratulations to David Blaine and French model fiancée Alizee Guinochet.

We read TV3.ie religiously – it is a strange religion; to have a ritual where the devout read a particular Irish television-centric web site. But it is our religion and we read the U.S. Constitution to protect that right – no matter how others may judge.  Plus Channel 3 in Ireland has a four-hour special about how people shouldn't judge religions that may sound strange or different.  Oh, by the way, do you want to buy a copy of our seminal religious text, TV Guide This Weeks and Puzzles?

David Blaine and the lovely and now slightly larger than a size 0 model Alizee Guinochet made the announcement at a cancer charitable event on a roof top someplace.

We say the event was "someplace" because there were 300 hits for the news item but not one had a location for the event other than "a rooftop." 

We were able to do some detective work and determined it was not in Pueblo, Colorado. 

The houses there are built into the side of cliffs (at least the cool ones) and they technically don't have rooftops and even if they did, it would be too scary to stand on an adobe clay roof at night when one is drinking (except for Ms. Guinochet and the future heir to the Blaine magic estate.).

We also ruled out Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

The city planners do not permit buildings higher than the tallest historic structure — about eight feet.  Santa Fe — named after Saint Fay, a red-headed dwarf martyr who was burned near a stake by heathens who mistook her for a safety match – is home to statistically the shortest individuals who by contrast make the buildings look “normal” height. 

We were quite sure it was not Asunción or Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. 

The U.S. State Department advises American travelers to avoid outdoor nighttime events.  The State Department warns there is a high risk of injury or death due to intentional or accidental gunfire from by bad guys with guns and little ability to aim.

(Actual listing from Ireland's TV3 Week's Guide for the day on which David Blaine announced his happy news.  Coincidence, we think not.).

We were about to give up.  We felt dejected and defeated.  We decided to use the restroom to do some thinking. 

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