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Devin Stewart Attempts Unique Jail Escape

Magician and Escape Artist Devin Stewart“A lot of people have told me I’m crazy,” magician Devin Stewart told The Paper of Crawfordville, Indiana.

“They tell me it’s impossible, but they say that you aren’t a real escape artist until you escape from jail. My career is on the line.”

The young man will put his career on the line this Friday, September 18 at the Montgomery County (Indiana) Old Jail Museum.

The Paper reports Houdini did the same feat in four hours, and Criss Angel allegedly pulled it off in half that time.

Mr. Stewart hopes to escape from a straight-jacket and his jail cell, in front of a live audience, in under 30 minutes.

The magician/escape artist/fire eater/illusionist/hypnotist learned of the jail from his girlfriend. During their tour of the museum, Mr. Stewart told the guide he could escape from the unique rotating cells.

This is no ordinary jail cell. He will don a straight jacket before being placed in the steel-barred cell. The jail was the very first of seven “rotary jails” built in the United States and the only one still in operation.

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