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Curtis Lovell and Tony Curtis Live

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in HoudiniWe must have seen the movie more than any other,  save The Wizard of Oz.

Tony Curtis’ portrayal of Harry Houdini in the classic 1953 story of the great magician’s life and death was more than inspiring — it was perspiring.

After seeing the film for the first time, we tried every escape an eight-year-old can create.  In any other household, cries of “C’mon, Mom.  Tie me up good this time!”” would likely bring an intervention or rescue.

It was a bit disheartening to learn Houdini did not die as portrayed in the film.  But that’s Hollywood.

We met Tony Curtis in Las Vegas a few years back.  He was still in great shape and looked ready to make another dozen films.  Let’s not kid ourselves, he was and remains one heck of a good-looking man.

Check out the live showing of Houdini at the Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles on June 13th.  The film is part of the Jules Verne Adventures Festival.

Inside Magic Favorite Curtis Lovell III will be performing an incredible escape in celebration and in the spirit of Houdini.

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Is Curtis Lovell Crazy?

Curtis Lovell III and Beautiful AssistantInternational escape artist Curtis Lovell II invites you to witness him strapped into a straitjacket and lifted 170 feet into the air — as the rope is set on fire.  When Lovell frees himself, he immediately will be lowered, handcuffed and sealed into a box of water — secured with Master locks.

Through wind, fire and water in his performance of “Hang-Man,” Lovell must face his fear of heights and his fear of drowning.  Neither Lovell nor any other escape artist — including the great Houdini — has ever combined these elements for a stunt of this magnitude.

The City of Grand Terrace, California, will host Lovell’s death-defying stunt as part of its Halloween Haunt in Pico Park, slated for 8 p.m. on Oct. 30, 09.  Last year’s theme element was Earth, during which Lovell faced the universal fear of being buried alive.  The stunt attracted more than 1,500 visitors and national media.

“It was spine-tingling last year with Lovell being buried alive,” said Steve Berry, Acting Manager of Grand Terrace, “We are looking forward to Hang-Man, his next death-defying feat.”

Lovell conceived the idea of Hang-Man as he studied the works of his childhood hero Harry Houdini.

“I always wanted to perform an aerial, upside-down straitjacket escape, but I wanted a twist,” Lovell said.  In addition to the danger of this stunt, Lovell truly fears heights and drowning. “I believe this will help me overcome both of these fears and bring me closer to nature and life,” he said, confidently.

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Curtis Lovell Escapes Death on Halloween

Curtis Lovell is well-known to television audiences.  He cut Paris Hilton in half on her show The Simple Life, provided instructions to escape from handcuffs on the Spike TV show Manswers.  He called out David Blaine and John “I talk to dead people” Edward.

Neither performer had the guts to take him up on a magic duel.

Mr. Lovell made a great impression with his performance of his Cube of Death on the USA Network’s Road Characters.

On the 84th anniversary of Houdini’s passing, Mr. Lovell literally went underground.

By performing an escape Houdini himself said was too dangerous to repeat, Mr. Lovell took an enormous risk — an not just to his career.

The Buried Alive escape is a test of physical endurance and mental focus.  Oxygen is in short supply and panic is a constant enemy; ready to steal the limited amount trapped within the sealed coffin.

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