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Buy A Brick Infused by Houdini’s Spirit

Brick + Houdini = $$

The Detroit News tells us of a great opportunity to connect with the great Harry Houdini.

Jamie Flora is more than just a fan of Harry Houdini.  He owns bricks from a home that may have been built from with materials salvaged from the demolition of The Garrick Theatre in Detroit.

Okay, it is a stretch but it is better than any connection Inside Magic can currently claim; especially since we learned recently blow driers were not even invented when Houdini was performing and we likely bought a piece of junk from that nice old lady.

Mr. Flora researched the construction lineage of his Plymouth, Michigan home and came to the inescapable conclusion – there may be some connection!

Consider the following factors if you will:

First, Mr. Flora’s house was built in 1928 — the year they tore down The Garrick Theatre in Detroit.

Second, his home was made, at least in part, of bricks. Continue reading “Buy A Brick Infused by Houdini’s Spirit”