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“The Las Vegas Kid” Chris Randall Featured

Magician Chris Randall - The Las Vegas Kid Las Vegas Weekly gives Magician Chris Randall the type of coverage we have often sought but never found.

The profile runs above and below the fold and features an interview with Mr. Randall, also known as ‘The Las Vegas Kid.’

First, let’s establish Mr. Randall’s bona fides:

Before Criss Angel and Steve Wyrick became headliners in town, “The Las Vegas Kid” was here.

As a native, he was known for making watches and wallets disappear from unsuspecting owners, performing card tricks in the back of a Las Vegas Academy theatre class or appearing to stick nails up his nose.

Learning the ropes on The Strip while still attending high school, Randall has now toured the world with his unique brand of Vegas-based classical magic that doesn’t involve sawing ladies in half or massive amounts of gaudy jewelry.

The interview traces Mr. Randall’s trek to his current well-deserved position, on the cusp of hitting it big in the biggest of all venues.

While not an overnight success, he is a success and on the verge of becoming a household name.

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