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Chinese Magician Liu Chien and Number 8

Inside Magic Image of Liu Chien and Report on His US American Debut at the Wynn Casino in Las VegasWe wrote of Liu Chien’s upcoming debut at the fabulous Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Casino and the date is nigh.  Liu Chien Magic Show 2011 – Witness Of Miracles” to the Encore Theater on April 30 and May 1 at 7:30 p.m.

We did some reading and found some enticing tidbits about the premiere of this talented young man.

Liu Chien’s performance will be in Chinese without translation but promoters do not believe this will detract from the magic, humor, “exciting audience interactions,” and breath-taking illusions.

Amazing and breath-taking requires no translation.  but we wonder about the “exciting audience interactions” and the close-up portion of the show.

Humorous and unexpected, Liu Chien’s show lets the audience experience the mystery of magic up close, and has earned him a place among the most influential magicians in Asia. The show will be performed in Chinese.

Tickets for this highly anticipated performance sell for $68, $108 and $188.  We thought the pricing was interesting: all of the prices contain at least one number eight.  Perhaps it was a coincidence due to the local tax rates on theater performances within Clark County, Nevada.

We checked with the folks selling the tickets and were told the prices included all service charges and taxes.  We should have asked if the number eight has special meaning in the Chinese culture while we had the representative on the phone.
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